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We arrange financing for the major capital projects of non-profit healthcare institutions.

  • We are focused. There are certain kinds of financing needs for which we are not a sensible solution, and we will be quick to tell you so.  But if you encounter a capital financing need for which we are a good fit, we are quite likely to be your most suitable, least expensive alternative.  Please see “Our Scope of Practice”  for more.
  • We use a non-traditional technique to help our clients meet the financing objectives they have likely been targeting all along. Please see “Our Technique” for more.
  • The hybrid financing approach in which we specialize involves elements of both tax-exempt public finance and commercial lending, and also requires a deep understanding of the healthcare industry. Even though we did not know it at the time, we began preparing for this more than thirty years ago.  Please see “About Us” for more.
  • Yes, we’re a small firm. Yet we’re just the right size to do what we do, without unnecessary overhead.  We believe that the real test is not our size, but our ability to deliver.  We have more years of experience in privately placing the tax-exempt revenue notes of non-profit hospitals with commercial banks than any firm in the north central United States.  Please see “Completed Engagements” for more.

We look forward to hearing about your plans, circumstances, and financing objectives; reviewing your debt capacity; sharing ideas on how to prepare to finance your project; and telling you more about your options, including our technique.  Just contact us.

Our Solution

We use a non-traditional financing technique which involves elements of both tax-exempt public finance and commercial lending.

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National Healthcare Capital, LLC

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Registered Municipal Advisor with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).